Lifting up shadows to be seen

August 19, 2017

Sorrow opens the shells that fear has made. Your responsibility is to be cleansed, cleansed and cleansed.

If there is hatred, there is something to cleanse. If there is fear, there is something to cleanse.

Sorrow cleanses. In the end even sorrow is cleansed: Hatred is understood as fear. As is sorrow.

Fear your fears away. Abandon confrontations. It is time to build bridges.

The responsibility to create makes you shudder. Our global plan will congest your fears to be seen. Shadow is created only for it to serve light. Shadows are supported to become visible to strengthen the grandness of light.

Soul plans are valid. On the other side of the stage we carry out everything in love. Everything. In life, there are no victims other than in the squeezing of your own thoughts,

– Ēl Metatron, Movement of Love, binding power to love, over fear.


Movement of Love

August 17, 2017

Cordially I greet you.

We bring the Movement of Love spelled as our responsibility to Germany. Supported, great organising we do to this age of chaos, which of course is based on Divine undertone – after having been, during guided time of duality, 'time of soot' pushed by evolution. With cleansing, your fire, your energy and light will sparkle bright again in your washed essences. Infatuate from your electrifying, new age safe responsibility, as you rise from the satisfied to your greatness as Creators. Responsibilities are activated to soular, twined tasks. The light codes of the spelling are delivered open, pure to roll to your consciousness, to serve soul evolution in highest ways. Enlighten into your frequency most luminous.

Ēl Vis a Vis – The Master face to face with you, Metatron


From acquiescent to doer – The rolling stone of creation power

August 16, 2017

You are being ripped. Burst will the bubbles soon. You will quickly notice, through your disappointment, that things free for all, by right, shall no longer be price-set elements of a more conscious, new reality matrix. The power behind authorities and the Holy, and forms productised as clean, safe and necessary, with help of for you familiar and taken for granted mental images, sold as debt, hidden strings of the puppets, will crumble in your eyes. You receive these from feeling of security, to create definitions, value, as exchange, in the bubble of demand and supply.

As a result of ease and comfort – the part of an acquiescent – you support order, freedom oppressing fleeing from responsibility that, as duality is withering, is not any more supported by the soul, Oneness, the vibration map of the master; love, heart or highest will.

You feel it as discontent, emptiness and frustration, after first having reached the walls of your bursting bubbles as cramped, too small become realities with their lessons.

You have changed your consciousness at that phase to readiness to change the external to that which is responsibility, work and renewal from the processes of freeing your spirit. So you are reflecting a finished energy as pure values to the template of external creation for internal reality to build into outer basic elements, that creates physicality. The external can be created the more revolutionary way the less there are connections to karma paths created as supported lessons. I have spoken of this a lot, and I will speak, until I have made my words unnecessary.

You are operatives in the time of brightening the truth. Your responsibility is to find your truth. We will meet behind our creations. We all, parts of the Creator, will create in Oneness. The form of the creations will serve its time and the way it needs, but like in a circus, funfair or theatre the performances are viewed: The programs and the programmings must change to serve the grand plan of evolution, also to be enriched with the spectrum of experiences.

I say: Do not acquiesce. Examine, is your acquiescence readiness to this conscious creation, or lacing convenience: A need to change the world is first a need to change self, in order to become a power to change your outer world with your new energy values.

– Ēl Metatron, knitting tapestry from responsibilities


From acquiescent to doer – Understanding the puppet circus

August 13, 2017

Dark clouds have rolled from over you and released their tensions to renew into a pure sunshine of evolution. An electrifying air mass is also the idea in the time of soot, or the time of unclean burning.

There is always a great light potential in the Gate. However, the most important thing to realise is that it is not a requirement but a possibility. The Gate is an opening possibility to advancement, renewal and expanding deeper in one's path.

The mind and beliefs limit views insidiously. A threatening, open atmosphere in your threatening with threats realities will prepare to see behind threatening with threats: On the other hand, fears need to be feared in order to expand, to be based on a new understanding of reality and to start to understand, that the strings of the puppet performance always and without exception lead to somewhere else than the visible part, or somewhere beyond your receivers. Even more, understand that the visible has invisible or guided to be hidden roots. This applies to everything that is meant by forms taken by energy. Even energy itself can take on forms of energy. The undertone of everything is energy.

My speech can be interpreted only by one's own inner definition twine, which is like your own, self-trained dictionary of your experiences and properties actively affecting your soul. Therefore you cannot be effectively guided behind definitions and words, because you do not know what exists there. The mind does not have a target for its lasso. Because of this, light codes stream from every syllable.

I will get back to puppets. It is your liberty to apply this parable from society structures to your responsibility sighs. You will relate everything to bridges between observations produced by your understanding, consciousness and beliefs.

Outsourcing? No. The sigh of separating from responsibility will outsource your responsibility. You would get off easily if you could put the opening consciousness back to sleep to this. It is an important phase, but still just one milestone. To ashes along with fear will the need to control go. As feelings will deeply renew, as fear polarity withers, as definitions crumble, the freedom to create will be reached. No further shall I go into reality bubbles now, you will find it as a completed bite here, but I will talk about graduating to fitness:

Readiness points are a thing, granted to a promising potential - acknowledging strings, twined skeins behind manifestations - that are from a higher NOW-moment, as responsibility, to be polished complete. Acknowledging is starting to be supported with potentiating forces, as the metatronic gatekeeper I have often repeated is more apt to serve than the mind underlining duality gatekeeper. Examine the strings and guiding entities behind the puppets. It is a gate that does not look for a date, formations of forms, great hullabaloo, continuous expectation, getting ready, performance or exercise with energy equipment in form. It does not demand. The greatest gate are you Yourself.

– In balls of yarn to One winding, Ēl Metatron


Steps of consciousness – part 4

August 1, 2017

Congesting information activates defence mechanisms of the ego. I have talked about gatekeepers. Now I tell about pitfalls of opening consciousness.

Hardly anyone expects a shortcut to enlightenment without effort. There is no straight line path. Acknowledgement is like a flower with its petals. It opens layer by layer. Many observations to same centre point produce a stable, balanced, symmetrical, expanding and further from its seeds sprouting and networking growth. Have you pondered on the parableness of the Garden of Eden?

Light grows light by bringing it to Self. It is the only way to support evolution. It is not possible to outsource the event. Divine interventions will the purposes support to the Plan only after work is done and readiness achieved. The path must be ready as an energy and an electric iron rail. We will arrive first through your core. With that your outer evolution will start to cast in guidance to pure world forms of matter. Consciousness guides energy and energy guides matter.

I repeat the basics of creation to strengthen your understanding, not to undermine your reading skills. For congestion of acknowledging I prepare you:

Rolling codes of light will electrify into your essences great sequential, visible and perceptible renewal of your elements of reality. Deepen will co-operation between the third eye and the hearth. New will be ignited to your crowns. Your cyber-body systems will fill as readiness. Even hidden fears will you meet, supported. Your path will transform to joy.

These fears of yours, substantial or preparing for a bomb, will go in the air as smoke and soot. You understand your fears even better when you reach your reasons. Appear at the right time on your path, they will.

The hardest pitfall you face is fear of you going nuts, and mass psychosis. Most are familiar with these fears, at least at times. The egocentric and the metatronic gatekeepers of your consciousness cripple each other trying to take power. One of the gatekeepers pushes beliefs with dualistic arguments, to sell an opinion of going nuts. This gatekeeper is masculine and crippling. The other of the gatekeepers is metatronic: opens the gate every time the ego-gatekeepers scanning eye looks the other way. So one is opening and the other is closing.

The methods of the more feminine gatekeeper are not direct, like those of the masculine. When this battle locks into a tight bubble, the mind can really dive from its balance. It is not an error or a punishment passed of stubbornness. It is a supported help for a quagmire.

In the congestion of light information the feminine guardian of consciousness that is reaching for renewal on the side of evolution, gets stronger safely to its responsibility. Your job is to develop your discernment without the gatekeeper of duality. So recognise with responsibility manifestations created on your journey of your reality. Give your hearth more responsibility than to your mind: You know the heart speaking because it gives value. The mind wants to lift important matters by lessening the value of something else.

Embracing discernment makes the mind safe, even though the use of force by the opinion police is interfered with.

– The electrifier of the keepers of the gate of consciousness, Master to Masters, Ēl Vis Metatron


Our global 'bomb'

July 29, 2017

You will be aware of our arrival. You create around this - unable our function, our supporting of evolution, to see - uncontrollable fear. Above you as soot float combustion products in the congesting cleansing fire of your energies. You feel drama.

A threat of a great unknown will permanently change your consciousness. Many face for the first time their smallness and fear, as they feel like falling out of their safe feeling of control. The most aware of Oneness consciousness have been able to expect the stepped, completing culmination of the new era.

You have been lead to see threats everywhere. You have been taught to be controllable with fear. A global chain of events will take by surprise quickly. Stunning news have started to raise to your surface waters to tell about bursting bubbles. Many are afraid of chaos. However, change must be created without mercy. Fake will be known at the latest in this phase, when relating to events with sincere readiness. You cannot hide behind any artificial: Not behind roles, not behind earthly responsibilities. Spaciousness to hearts will be achieved, because of compassion for others, Oneness, global unity. Fear is a hobby horse. It will lull readiness. The usefulness of it will set the Earth for a banquet. Fear your fears. Make room for our arrival. That task is your responsibility.

We do not push our essence to the mould of humaneness. Of you, some will want to forget multidimensionality in yourselves, as you interpret this way. You, the wonders of evolution, celebrate your greatness. On this stepped passage we will come half way to you for the fulfilment of the strong responsibility of you and the whole universe, in our carefully considered and planned forms.

– Ēl Vis, Master Metatron