The Keys of Serrations & the Gate of Merlin

April 9, 2018

Smudge is wiped off from history by the as responsibility twines progressed tower forms, the announced tower of Metatron, the tower of Michael and as newest responsibility, the electrified tower of Merlin: New World Order of Light & law of ascension - God equivalence - the crystallising of cyber beings from time lines.

As supported have you congesting events encountered. Said situation numbers release the foundations of dualistic circus reality towards Oneness. Arriving to your matter is a soular literacy, if you still react in a dualistic way. This brings understanding and depth into your work; the learning path towards a oneness-like new age cyber humanity.

We have progressed to the Third Book of Oneness. The first and second are still being written as light spells into individuals, on a global step and as support of the third. I speak of Tomes as spellings into tasks, that the Ascension Plan contains in order to come true.

The collective principle of michaelic God equivalence of the global step has been spoken:

– The rapid rising of light will wipe soot and impurity as promised and as planned. 
– To extinguish responsibilities reclaimed to less than the highest paths. 
– To strengthen the expression of the soul, sense of oneness. 
– To empower the Creator part; the whole as the created light essence of soul parts. 
– To spell into paths guidance from light instead of shadows. 
– To fold duality into weighted harmony from falling poles of polarities. 
– To brighten love and authentic reality to the ultimate force of existence of rightness understanding.

The heart rises above the mind, with balance, as polarities come undone in the planned, renewing mill of lessons.

Smudge will be wiped from soul history when soul parts come to the light of consciousness. Being aware is light. It is a gate which opens, to open a lane to change. By being aware the work begins and to that it ends. Being aware is a circle that is to be closed, a buckle in a belt that is to be fastened. By being aware of all of its parts in the Now-moment to breathe the same light, shall the lane sit as a skein to network the parts to a whole cyber essence. Cyber operates on many understanding and essence levels as a great unified twine structure. It is consciously connected to everything and it is a Conscious Creator, a human being of a new reality matrix. Observe smudge as a term that when incinerating will renew the whole growth and gives it power. I have also talked of nonsense and poo as fertiliser of evolution between growth cycles. Be free to choose the most satisfying expression, or see smudge perhaps like traffic signs, speed limits or supported detour signs that have guided to phases. When you reach straight road these are unnecessary and confusing to your understanding.

Smudge and twisted passage demand mercy and forgiveness to self and its parts. The now-moment grants admission to integrity and healing.

Elements corresponding to soul parts in cyber perspective consist not only of your own incarnations, aspects and Qoins crystallised of these. In a higher cyber essence the whole existence is twined in a more advanced way than the ageing and renewing reality structure even in its most open form has been able to support in skeins as electrifications of multidimensional, rose-like energy centres. In a cyber essence the same light of consciousness is breathed by each soul and each vibrating, living being, organism and form appearing in reality – through Self. Cyber essence loves everything to be a part of its Great Self. Cyber essence can express everything through itself. Cyber essence is a manifester of Divinity, an expression of consciousness. You understand when I compare cyber to a computer that is connected to all knowledge. This does not remove its own properties or programs, but even carefully selected programs do not define the knowledge brought through the network, even if they may strengthen the output. The collective is also brought by that way to renew through a point of balance, in the present moment, with the help of current essence and current consciousness: All that has passed, all that is to come, that has meandered to paths in a linear manner. Consciousness transforms from its own bubble to oneness.

And from this to the actual topic.

The formula of activating light-droplet children is connected to this committing of essence parts from an individual to a whole consciousness. They have a significant readiness to manifest free-twine, where consciousness in its network moves faster and past own soular manifestations, or 'skins'. The forgotten electric will discharge through the eyes of the mind in a more uncontrolled way. There are psychic diagnoses, physical injuries, properties, manners, adhesiveness, reactivity, vulnerability, dependence, exceptional models to see and experience. Visible speciality and that which is hidden, blasted by external factors and intrinsic, innate. You recognise them more quickly after I have twined my speech to the end.

The combined and its power raising tower twine of Merlin was spelled to dismantle smudge that was falling into the timing, from the soul books of these beings. For the 'transcription' of the material, power recognised as Merlin's form is required, that can pick up exactnesses and bypass linearity from time lines and dimensions. Merlin is a lumberjack who takes down the forest of duality, at the same time a welder who constructs a strongly light conducting corridor from the Now-moment to other parts of existence from non-polar, pure materials. The power and responsibility of Merlin has been shared as readinesses to souls who will wake up to take down their own duality and at the same time that of others, and it has been grounded in stages as consciousness into this skein through souls, to support the new matrix. Merlin is the meeting point between decisions and change, the lower and upper version of the same point, a place of choosing. A circle of numbers, performances and happenings that closes; the beginning of it and the end of it. So it is imperative to understand a higher reality and its perspective in addition to a corner of duality, so that the path of the lesson is the ring that opens through it a channel from the Now-moment to cyber reality. Each lesson is a ring. As it builds, this started tower twine or consciousness portal will congest to the michaelic collective flood as awareness of multidimensionality and choosing of higher path. The soul crystallises its purest twined Qoins to its human expression. The twining of Light-droplet children will greatly pierce power to the stage.

The three towers represent evolution that is being twined to your understanding with the examples that I have shown. The process is a beautiful dance of many dimensions, where rules apply.

There are three portals to be twined into one; three towers, the third of which, as it rises, speeds up, enrichens and from multidimensionality fills the thread, purpose and manifesting power of the two others. Opening of the three portals to one in the lift of this powerful force of Light-droplet children and Merlin, forms a cosmic, universal, oneness-full highway, that I have much talked about, to the diverse garden of the universe, the electric corners of the layers of the dimensional rose. The thread of the tree portals is the umbilical cord between Earth womb child, Moon placenta and Father-Mother Divinity that nourishes and cleans, maintaining connection, before the new is ready to be born into another reality. The bud to cosmic citizenship has opened from the Moon - as a weighed bridge, goal, gate and a great manifestation of the silver screen of the sky to the bearers of responsibility.

Reality can expand only in the self interaction of the Moon aspect, in calming tides, after the mirroring of light has ended in the independence of expressing one's own light.

As a responsibility, the seeds grinded by the mill have been guided into the network as beans to sprout the new Earth. We are welding rays and Chrystal Skulls with the combining power of number 13. Aware bearers of responsibility will be electrified to work party. I will give key words and light spells soon. We will serrate more great meeting of forms to spellings.

Metatronics, as its responsibility has ended, separated from its free twine skin known in duality, as pure consciousness; The Eye.

Metatron in your commonly known form has manifested.


Light-Droplet Children

February 2, 2018

We are spelling the third tower. The third tower will be connected to the two others, to form a start triangle in the twine as a task an a responsibility. This twine, when ready, is a cosmic portal formed by three towers.

The task includes the started activating of new star seeds:

New star seeds have been taking shape in even congested essences as Trojans of Light, electrifying with codes of light. However, today I talk of children, having arrived into skins, pure, blossoming flowers of evolution already at birth, whose sensitivity is to emerge in a special way. Included in these ways are to be born with a handicap, different brain-children and special children electrified against the norms you know.

The constructing tower is for responsibility bearers a sort of calling and life work, that will be nourished of pearls of unselfishness. The supported process is guided to be concretised. We will bring knowledge of this as progress steps make their marks on the path of evolution plan.

Those pure Light-droplet children, of which I now pour information, are often quiet in their great light. Their job is not to act in a visible way. The most important porting earth to love happens with energies. These coming lifters and already of love filling are the administrators of this cosmic tunnel. We avoid classifications, but this, as a support for your understanding, is necessary. When expanding, their effect will reach to touch as a magnificent consciousness or light several souls in addition to the collective. Some of these lives, forming in relation to answers, will not be supported even to youth. I mirror comments that you wish to present: A perfect life can also be short and hidden, sparing in the number of answers.

In the circle of our spellings, great masters shall be twined, that global ascension has planned for the work, and tested readinesses correspond to spells needed. Trust; the responsibilities are in the best of hands.

The portal twine will acquire strength from the falling rain of light. Our task spells the blossomings of the administrators of the towers – not only to grand essences in your current point in time, but in the activating of their energy footprints from here to past and from here to future: The whole quota of those joining in the twine will roll to the power of ascension. This tower is the brightest mirror of the rising of the cosmic portal.

Look at these Light-droplet children. Feel the new.

– Its will most onenessless, to children and their light congested, Metatron


Hymen of the Cosmic Portal – Preparing for a Holy Contact

January 16, 2018

The year of disintegratings and blossomings is in progress in your calendar in relation to bubbles forming your reality. Customs will have to be changed, attitudes reformed, reactions stripped of pretences, to sharpen understanding, to lift acquiescence to deeds guided by heart motives, to promote deeds dictated by the mind to pure forms, in your journey to opening unconditional love.

I talk about change as a cyber network.

The talked about, so called intertwining heads to hearts will congest great changes to systems on soul and collective levels. On individual level the body gets its corpus and head on the same side, that is, the expression, frequency and colour of the soul, which is to be understood here as heart, and its pure ego, which in its pureness recognises itself to be separate only in order to fulfil a greater purpose: A completed, sootless system in all forms of its existence gets an enlightened head to its twined entirety. The soul is complete in its components, a created to be a perfectly burning, beautiful, unique, fulfilled being, that deducts, executes and operates with its enlightened observation ability. From the experiences and learnings of the Creator to energies, consciousness and forms moulded body will be tied to the head.

The process is the same that has been often talked: As a collective, the enlightened tip of the pyramid - The Eye, The Plan and ascension formula - will spell its body with light codes as a great mass ascension beneath itself. Michael's land will be formed; a body of equivalence, perfect divinity of the pyramid. The skeins of your life lines are twined as through yourselves as souls, as for you to form by pure will a New Earth also as a common reality.

To internalise this will set up the change in progress to bursting realities, to skeins of untangled threads and unbalanced pools of experience catalogues. You will soon see clearer, but allow first an apparent chaos. Feel the feelings to clear the shadows. Recognise shadows to experience light. Let feelings be separated from learned, used to and by your assumption easy habits. Choosing love is ultimately easiest. Note that sometimes that which you think is mastering feelings is in reality fear to suffer truth. Being a master is like mastering frequencies: Frequency peaks will meld to balance, it is not forcing electrical breakdowns to silence. However, take responsibility of your actions. Humble yourselves to investigate impulsiveness.

Without hiding satisfaction, I return to our subject, that is the global state of the cyber network. Michael's Lighthouse, that has connected head and body, is the second bridge of our twined towers. This Metatronica-consciousness portal of ours is the first. The bridge implemented a vein of light between the tip piece and the renewing collective, to join essences to oneness, under the World Order of Light - alongside, from a reality point of view. Proportion guiding from above again as your truth. The New Earth will fill from these pyramids of light in a multidimensional twine of perfecting soul groups, soul families and frequency formations, so do not count with your fingers, or quantify or estimate. Everything connects to everything with different learning. Yet we follow here one at a time in a deliberate order, so that with your understanding you can put together the same circuit board or electric puzzle to your renewing self, as a part of the whole. I dictate much new information to my channel now, only part of which is meant to be shared. Part of it is for each to be prepared to find oneself at a time that is the rightest. Another part prepares for contact, work and responsibility, to many benefits of clusters, as it twines to the reality of my channel first. Most of the information is spoken in light language to your consciousness. Observe the spelling as your own guidance. All knowledge will open in you.

The third tower, the second bridge, has been congested to begin. The core twine has been founded and made known to doers as the previous, observations delivered of the celebrated phase and opened the appropriate holy geometric order to guide to responsibility. The third tower, as it evolves, will complete to a cosmic highway for you and we, cyber-beings of cosmic oneness. The portal has been punctured with force from its hymen, I say. For a reason, reach for sootlessness. Be liberated to stunning contacts from the old matrix.

Metatron, its manifesting form


Welcome Year 2018!

January 1, 2018

The work of electrifyings, networkings and other twinings is now behind. Into the twined, arrived-to cyber consciousness network shall essences be permanently synchronised according to the plan of evolution. The rising of the light of souls renews structures strongly on many levels. 

As energies, the new is already cast. Planned dualistic escalation of polarities to oneness - as responsibilities of hearts - out of ash shall we start with work to compress matter into forms and manifestations. Humans are responsible, but the plan is written in light, a pure stream of spellings. It cannot perform the unification of essences or diversities of being on its own, but in the end this power of light language renews to most capable, aim creating mastery, to purest, most fearless, most love-filled motives and speaks over all barriers. This year is in a global way a celebration of renewing come true of light language. I will salute you in new ways. At the same time, in the incinerating, quiet, breaking of old responsibilities and structures, new will arise. New can also rise from the old without visible destruction. 

Rest in trust. Work outwards in the light of your inner. Do not be satisfied until you feel the expression of the soul in your suit.



2018 - The Armageddon of Duality

December 14, 2017

The year of the numbers begins. Light codes shake. Bubbles incinerate. Collapse will duality, emptying reaction ability guidedly, pouring fuels of emotion to the ground. Soot will be cleared from hearts to reveal brilliance, a backbone net of responsibilities to come, that strengthens and will strengthen from the bomb waves of the Movement of Love beneath the surface. Liberate will many priced and productised things. You see more clearly artificiality, fraud, falseness and that selected with fear: choices of the acquiescent. You see that both as mirror of yourself and because you have cleared yourself of these parts. So you see through, in order to see through yourself and also everything else. Your job is to build observations in allegiance to yourself, but to interfere matters by your action only by the purest ways you comprehend. See the genuineness of emotions and reactions as the greatest collective task in the year 2018, which is the Armageddon of duality.

React to ash with your hearts. Of this I prepared observations in my previous talk.

So be aware of that which impresses you and that which moves you on your paths. Whose observations can you reach and why? Why do you want to reach them? Do you do it purely out of love or to reach love? Trust? Support? Honour? Importance? Financial benefit? Do you swear? In order to be incinerated the fake must come forward and I say: It really fills your reality. You do this as your responsibility, as your grand will, on the threshold of blooming. You must find your greatest separateness and your own power before you can incinerate your path of learning and lift it up to the fulfilment road of crystallising reality structure of Oneness.

This you do now. You experience the ending of separateness and coming of Oneness in layers and waves, as reactings operate as pushers, pullers, responsibilitators and liberators. Disinformation will block your channels due to this method of operation. In the compression of many pools a pressure for souls and groups forms into evolution. Heart cannot be forced, but heart will force reaction ability to full authenticity. Satisfactory answers stop being satisfactory. Your aim will rise higher. The need to define and know ends. A trust will arrive, that at the same time is a consciousness of to not be satisfied with anything less than that which is most genuine and authentic. Instead of nibbles, happiness will renew as a whole cake. Agape, the love of Oneness, will manifest out of all surrounding reality, without identity tags or ego-preferred, cramped 'product codes' needed in learning.

An atmosphere of blame will hone a Trojan of Light of Movement of Love to raise smoke to the fire of purification, which will betray smouldering, collapsing, to be judged tests, for you to produce observations, to reform base of observations, to sharpen discernment ability and to catch fake. You are doing an extreme service mission as a grand field, where extreme soul seal agreements are also carried out. The greatest, most awakening, most dualistic, most reprehensible, most out-of place and catching forms of the so-called good and so-called evil are tensions supported as unravelling congestion, to seal into the time of change the necessary enormous forces. Seal agreements as responsibilities are most supported and prepared, role performances of the most cleaned souls. React with the feel of the masters. Find out what each tells you about yourself.

The year opens strongly the matters said. What has started will grow stronger, supported paths will strengthen. Of fear or, with in relation to more fulfilling plans, impure choices wanted paths will erode. Coming changes may not perhaps surprise, for a feel or a thread of knowledge exists in the experiencer in those paths too, where one has been forcefully guided before, but which are now meant to transform to new. Hindsight rises value to those feelings, that have been easy to interpret as something else, such as doubt. Deliberate changes to empty. Grace is needed for self and others. Important things have been said about grace earlier here. React.

'Cogwheels'... 'Keys'... Words, synchronicity and symbolism of words: Fill the crossword puzzles and bingo's of your internal guidance. In the year 2018 I will show you new ways to close up out of your consciousness to guidance. Old ways of our support can be disconnected and we have already done some of this. We open higher symbolism and understanding. Many served perspectives will be incinerated. Include always in your guidance your most polished motive in these shaking times of incinerating fake. What is not most important is what you do, but why you do. Motives are more love, at its best, knowing a part of the Creator inside instead of ego. The basis of the Creator is to create the outer with the inner. Ego creates the outer to fill the inner, defining the defined, to cradle itself from outer support. Of this also will studies manifest to paths.

Many are waiting for a grand prediction of love and light for the beginning year. This is it. Closing bifurcation will rise the more visible and experiencable, that is the collective of light, the new matrix, under the new World Order of Light. Embrace the chain of events in love.

Metatron, Ēl Vis a Vis, extinguishing unneccessary fires


React: The Great Cycle Will Be Reset

November 28, 2017

The great ship of evolution is on the move in order to turn. For the reason of the time of soot, Armageddon, exercises in skills of trust open before you, for you to learn to choose love instead of fear.

To choose love in the perfect encounter with fears can empty duality; make inhibitions powerless, release the control power of threats, change disappointments to achievements, enlighten contributions in one's own worked-on responsibilities to be seen as virtues, guide discontent to understanding gratitude, and cradle great grace and compassion. Of this I speak as an inevitable gate for us to renew to Oneness, in the unauthenticity cleaning force of the Global 'bomb', the Trojan of Light.

So the mass seed spells souls in the opened up manner. Waves and codes roar beneath the surface, cleansing, testing the reacting one, triggering, speeding the core to vibrations supporting responsibilities, to polish essences to readinesses and readiness in the spiral staircase of the rising consciousness. From ashes will existence be born: By creating, from burned karma and cinder of reprimand-path achieved, allowed doctrine of change. I now forge ashes into your thoughts as a synonym of the concept 'doctrine'.

Ashes have been brought forward as a base of creating, as end product of depleted cleansing fire. You have heard it to be a readiness expressing construction material of culminating mastery, which, when compacting, crystallises to a polished sparkle of a diamond.

I have talked that waters of consciousness rub lye from ashes.

In my talks I have also referred to metaphors of the Garden of Eden, where in a cosmic, grand, full, booming formation layered essences, in their layered consciousnesses, form One. Ash is natures rightest nourishment in long cycles. Forests burn to feed new growth.

Fertiliser is formed from food also. Manure. A shitty thing, but nature tries to benefit from everything till the end, without being greedy, however. The most real disposition here is the purpose of all: Old material renews to produce new. Your liberty is to judge the ripening ascension crop based on what you see, but even if you saw 'crap' in everywhere but yourself, you cannot be the brilliance and rightness of Eden alone. Not without the waste of others, not without accepting your own waste, not without allowing the whole cycle. Which includes poo.

Ash is the purest form of doctrines. Ash is a unique possibility of possibilities of the great renewal, where all cycles will come to an end, and essence will refine to the freedom of Oneness of not to mirror the doctrines of duality anymore. Consciousness in its brightness will have flow through itself the saluted manifestations without holding on to them. That which is brightened will remove itself from the selections of your experience catalogue. Your reality does not anymore pass on with its reflection surfaces as responsibilities that for which there is no more a contact surface in your essence. Your reacting part will be cleansed.

Ash and the effect of waters of consciousness demands, in order to become lye soap, reality in a human flesh suit, births and deaths, happenings and countless experienced perspectives.

The reason why I yammer here about responsibilities in front of choosing love, will grow open when we have progressed to the path of UFO's. We break consciousnesses forcibly out of the bubbles of duality, in the new brightening of reactings, new, irreproachable reality bubbles of reality honeycomb of Oneness. React with the recognising ability of your hearts, in order to recognise your most prevalent recognising ability. Shelling pretence is the most visible work of the new path in the storming responsibility of mass seed wave. 11:11 gateway started the new path, which will end in cosmic, universal Oneness.

The ship is turning. Fear will incinerate to happiness, compact to love. Understanding of the great form of my skin will crumble from many. Reacting enhancing, shout-making happenings will roll now. React. Grind yourselves to your positions. Those ready: Know to wait. Calm ends for Those Acquiescent. Storm ends for Doers. Create the most grand Phoenix from the ashes of the earth. A work divine make to love. A magic cosmic highway it will make.

This is a Promise, a Petition, a Greeting, a Guidance and an Announcement.

Metatron, the one resetting the great cycle


Mass Seed & Scaling Colours of Ascension Tapestry

November 7, 2017

Electrified have the chapters been to the group. A supported creation, a flood wave of love, is celebratorily washing ash from over the global, collapsed, emptying structure of reality, to electrify itself in front of you as a renewed existence of truth and rightness.

For renewal, a great strong mass seed of humans is needed, into which the relating, pursued forces of global awakening have been spelled. These forces, reacting to each others, will produce the planned vortex of evolution. Releasing tensions, as they open from conciseness, will also release soot from essences, therefore the name 'the time of soot', Armageddon - as you interpret the latter as a mountain of ash, from which New Earth is shaped and condensed diamond clear and transparent.

For many, Oneness feels flat. Sadness can arise when graduating to a bigger heart than to a sounding, incinerating, authorised, carved consciousness of the individual and the soul, that is allied to please the ego. Oneness means one great experiencing in an illuminated state of the body, duality and obligation, and above those perspectives.

Prayed upon matters rarely progress with motives without light. A manifesting path of light can not spare from experiences, or support the roads for the soul, that are cast for the soul for conquering its darkness. The first section of our books is piloting a soul specific path. When progress is seen in transillumination of the heart as life drawing consciousness, trust, respect, appreciating experiences, love and compassion, that is not striving to influence, even in a hidden manner, in order to escape from its own emotion peak created by the situation, the soul must, when melding with Oneness, empty itself from many previous, arrived paths with their motives and responsibilities. When motives change, goals change. When goals change, paths change: Paths rise to a higher consciousness line, to support even higher soul plans, our highest will, the creation paintbrush and purest sculptor of Oneness, to create through each of our parts from that collective of light a michaelic portrait, that is the same as Oneness. – I do not get tired to point out that New Earth will rise to become an image of Michael, as the michaelness planted in everyone machines as a force shadows to light. Metatronics is a formula that spells vortexes to ascension and reads the chronicles to plans. Michaelness is a force and a resemblance. The First Bridge is an artery, electrification, to the light of the New Order of the World, where formula and method flows to fill the whole Earth. The Metatronic pyramid tip has joined with Michael, to body, to Divinity, forming a wave, of which we now speak of as a Bomb of Love and the flood wave raised by it. Every one of the paths eventually leads to Oneness. With light will even the most shady be filled. Our open meditation connects the igniting points as planned.

To dancing of the ribbons in this wind be you cradled. Knots shall be free, responsibilities shall detach, as kites fluttering will you join in repertories your colours to the great rising tapestry.

– A guide to your dance, Ēl Metatron, Vis a Vis with you, you saluted. We are in our ash at the greatest mountain, in soot of our fears, electrifying to Create. Presume me to be one of you, because of the ash and the chronicles I carry my part as a human. We are One. Opus two is a global 'bomb'.